Senator John McCain Supports Terrorism In Order to Oust Assad


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Sen.McCain said he wants to set up no fly zone to protect the terrorist and supply them with Arms in order to get Assad out. He seemed to not care at all the the Rebels are already using Chemical weapons
The US troops should not go into Syria, but international forces must “be ready operationally” to go in and prevent the rebels from using chemical weapons, said US Senator John McCain to NBC’s Meet The Press. “There are number of caches of these chemical weapons. They cannot fall into the hands of the jihadists,” said McCain, a republican candidate for the 2008 presidential election. “Our actions should not be dictated by whether Bashar al-Assad used these chemical weapons or not,” he added. Chemical weapons have been allegedly used in the ongoing two-year civil war between President Bashar Assad’s government and Islamist rebels, both sides deny this allegation.


3 thoughts on “Senator John McCain Supports Terrorism In Order to Oust Assad

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